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So I run in a small fleet of close friends, and we are just now switching over to klingons from federation for a little variety and to switch up roles. We constantly fly with 1 cruiser, 3 escorts and a science vessel and are looking to roughly mimic that setup with our new klingon characters. So I was looking at the ships available to the klingons and the B'rel Retro fit really caught my eye. My question is this, as a science officer can the b'rel be used as a science vessel?

The pros I see are as follows.

-super high turn rate so you can always face the target you need to hit with science powers
-battle cloak so you can get in, use your science powers and get out safely
-4 universal officer slots so you can get the exact science powers you need
-3 of each type of console slot so you can whatever consoles equipped that you need to boost the powers you choose
-can be a torpedo boat so that you do not need to keep any power in weapons, and you are not going to have shields most of the time so you don't need any power there, so all your power can be in aux and eng.

-Low health and almost no shields might be really hard to get used to
-no bonus to auxiliary power
-torp boat might not be any good without a focus on tactical powers from both the captain and bridge officers.

So does anyone have any experience with this concept at all? Is there anything I am overlooking? I am not worried about pugs or pvp with this ship,just fleet missions and stfs with a dedicated group of friends.

Cheers & thanks for any help in advance.