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08-17-2012, 10:44 PM
I think a really big part of this idea is that even though most Trek fans will predominately play as a Fed Captain...,

If and when other factions get added/fleshed out, most of those Fed players will probably create and play other toons in the new factions as well...

I know I have and will.

Even though I don't play my Klingon toon regularly, I do fiddle with it now-and-then and have bought items from the C/Z-store for him.

This could be a really good means to bring in more funds to continually upgrade the new factions.

I wonder how this would compare to how/if people do the same thing in WoW...?

Are Trek-Folk more willing to play multiple factions than WoW-folk?

In the 18 months I played WoW, I never thought about making a Hoard toon, but I made a Klingon toon within the first 3 months of playing STO...

And will make a Romulan toon as soon as They give me the opportunity to do so.

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