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08-17-2012, 10:11 PM
*USS Odyssey*

Captain Shelana: What do you mean multiple ships have gone silent!

Kimber: Its not just here Captain... Starbase 41's core is having a meltdown and its going to explode.

Shelana: What the hell! Transporter rooms of all ships pick up as many people as you can and get the Hell out of here.

How long til the place goes critical?

Lt. Schwartz: Not long mam

*USS Dogos Gear*

Derek Ross: What is wrong with everyone on the surface of the colony?

Winner: I don't know sir... I have never seen this kind of thing before. It is not killing them but its doing something else. I just can't tell what. The particles that have been scattered over Earth and the colonies have been scattered across the worlds. This must have taken years to plan.

Derek Ross: I agree, but what the hell is going on is it affecting non humans?

Winner: No it is not sir..

Ross: Again What the hell is going on....