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08-17-2012, 10:24 PM
I fly the same combo and can only tell you what I do. Which is going more tactical focus. You can still bring a grav well 1/viral 1/shockwave 1/TBR 2 depending on what you like. But will have much more damage then a fed science ship.

I like 4 heavy cannons with a rapid fire 3, omega 1, rapid fire 1, tac team 1, delta 1, tac team 1

with a grav well 1, transfer 2, and hazard 1 for science

2x power to shields of course.

The downside is you wont have target subsystems. But I think the damage potential makes up for it.

If i wanted to go more science heavy then id use Cmdr sci, LtC tac, lt sci, lt eng

that way you could do a 2x tractor with a grav well 3 and whatever else you like. While still having good damage with a rapid fire 1 and 2 plus 1 tac team.

If you are thinking of a high Aux set up and not worried about doing damage, then I would say something else would be better, maybe a Vo'quv
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