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* On Earth Admiral Smith has fallen ill to this unknown particle as well as most of the population. 96 percent of the Humans have fallen ill to this mystery but the something strange is happening. *

Fleet Admiral Quale: *grasps his head in tremendous pain.* What is this particles....

*He collapses comatose like*

Lt Saren *romulan*: What is happening? Why is everyone suddenly freaking out?

Ensign To'vu: I do not know LT. It appears that similar events have occured all over the planet. As well as off world. The mars ship yards have been destroyed, the entire first fleet have been destroyed. Klingons have also been reporting that their defense fleet has been crippled and can't move.

*Lt Saren begins checking the Romulan comms.*

Saren: The Romulans have lost many ships and bases in the sector. They are also reporting that unknown vessels have slipped past them and are invading the VGI. Any humans in that region have been debilitated and can't stop them. They are also overwhelming their forces badly.

To'vu: Their council has been assassinated?

Saren: What!!

who the hell is doing all of this..

*Starfleet Doctor Fielder in triage of Starfleet Medical*

Fielder: Another?

Nurse: Yes sir.. Their brain activity is off the charts and is oddly stabilized.

Fielder: I have seen this before... *runs over to a terminal and starts logging in the information gathered.* Its a match to 2 known files. Fleet Admiral Allen and Gary Mitchell from over a hundred years ago...

Nurse: Oh by the goddess...