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08-18-2012, 12:08 AM
elitists tend not to be very bright or flexible, that's why they tend to spout such nonsense as there's only 1 build, certain classes should only fly THIS type of ship and use THESE weapons....etc. when they hit a game like sto that's much more flexible they'll still try to pigeon hole everything as simply as possible.

they quite simply believe the game and the world should work according to their rules or the ones they're familiar with. in the case of wowtards that translates to 3 specific class types with 3 specific roles...if your a sci or engineer you MUST be CC /healer in a sci ship and cruiser respectively. if you're a tac you MUST be dps in an escort.

get quite a chatbox full if you step outside those boundaries >.> same people who say borts with dc's or dhc's are useless...only if you're incapable of planning ahead. yet you will get a ton of flack for flying one with dc's...until the see it in action. even had people dump on tets and phased tets 'real captains use disruptors or anti-proton'. especially with the tet buff now...squeeee

they don't get anti-proton are only good if you meet certain requirements (disruptors are just generally good) skilled in accuracy and weapon specialization are the main 2 for any class. tac can let one or the other slide abit because of apa. because the bonus crit severity only matters if you actually crit.

long rant :\ i hang out in ds9 on occasion, quite a few of those types there. it builds up -.-;