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08-17-2012, 11:29 PM
Guess I hit a nerve or something. A lot of the answers I expected. Funny thing is not one really tried to come in and defend their positions. Which is a relief. In the last few weeks I'd noticed (since S6) that more and more of those whine fests were popping up almost in every forum and a lot of the same posters were in them trying to defend or backup the various ideas. That's what eventually lead me to quit WOW when I had RL friends start in on the same attitudes and not willing to hear other ideas I realized that WOW wasn't the game for me. But since then I've seen that more and more and less and less of the let's build a community and make a great game. it's get what we can while it lasts then leave for the next shiny thing. Sad that games seem to placate to this style instead of EQ which may go down as the longest running game of it's kind (next to UO) by simply being the first that gained popularity as it seems the more people that get involved the shorter life span it has?

Funny how that works.