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08-18-2012, 02:44 AM
Quantums are still better, time a salvo when shields drop. My tac officer can get repeated 28k dmg torpedos back to back fully buffed. Shields already reduce torpedo dmg, then most people run dmg resistant shields, so by time your transphasics get any benfit from hitting a shield its marginal.

And if you hit someone with shields down with trans you get 0 benfit. Quantums can crush shields and hull if used right. Trasphasics sorta work on torpedo boats using tons of projectile doffs but you are still not usually as effective and even less so when shields drop.

Quantum boat > transphasic boat. Quantum dmg > Transphasic. Quantum speed > Transphasic. Quantum dmg through shields about = to transphasic. Quantum cooldown > Transphasic.

End result, Quantums win. Sadly even with some updates the other torpedos still arent really on par, they are improved but still need tweaks.