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I can help you with that.

There are basicly two ways you can proton kill a 'fellow' teammate. The first involves the good old confuse, which was already pointed out.

The second involves neutral objects, like the transformators in the cure. The player targets a worker drone, beam hits it, and the second 'jump' of the stream has a quite high chance to be the transformator. The third jump then either hits another worker drone, or if some other player is close it goes ZAPP and we have a dead player.

So my guess would be if you disable the ability of the beam to jump onto a neutral target you could get rid of 90% of the friendly fire incidents.
Similarly, though I've never seen it bounce ahead to a friendly player/boff/pet afterwards, my proton beam sometimes chains to NPCs when they're close enough. Example: Night of the Comet bar, Shrouded Phantasm encounter. Using the proton beam on the portals or a well-placed Devidian will bounce the beam harmlessly to one of the NPCs, then either keep bouncing or just halt. Also, how the heck do you KILL them with it? It's not like it deals 400-800 damage on the 3rd bounce or something
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