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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Or, they could dump the pointless raptor class and buff the BoPs to be able to do the work of BoPs and raptors combined. Then put in a dedicated science vessel line. That'd be a great improvement, right off the bat. BoPs that don't crumple in the face of Fed Escorts, and actual science ships (not the varied C-store only ships they've passed onto us).

The Raptor class ships are not pointless, they are the KDF's escort class of ship, your thinking of it being pointless is being very narrow minded in regards to them.

The bops do ~not~ need to be buffed to fill a hybrid role, they are perfect for what they are, also, what they are is a raider, not an escort. and I'm sorry, but if can't deal with a single fed escort in your bop, then you lack the ability, mindset, skills, and loadout to effectively use a bop. Small hint, you don't come at any ship head on in a bop, you use cloak to get behind them, or to your favoured attack vector, same with the raptor, and battle cruiser.

As for those ships in the links, sure, they would be interesting ships to use, but they would either be put in at lower tiers, or need a lot of work to get them to t5 standards.