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Ok guys thanks for all the help. I've changed my mind about the Nividia GeForce 7800. Just one more question. I now plan on getting a brand new CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Desktop. $519.99 and it has a Nividia 610 on it. I'm not sure about the complete specs of the GPU, but I have watched several YouTube videos where people play Battlefield 3 in High-Ultra settings with no lag. Do you guys think it could play STO in ultra settings? Would this be a reasonable upgrade?
It'll run STO, whether or not at full settings, I can only say "maybe, buit don't count on it". (610 is the bottom end of the 600 series). Keep in mind that the videos of "Battlefield 3 on a 610" are running at reduced resolutions and have tweaked things one way or the other.

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While it's true that STO doesn't need a state of the art graphics card to run, I find it impossible to stay at 30FPS all the time at 1920x1080 with maxed details on a Radeon 6970. And that's with no antialiasing applied at all. Hitting 60FPS constantly is something I can only dream of.
Wow, I'd have thought you could get better out of a 6970, it's a couple of steps up from what I have (GTX275). With my old GTX275, I average around 60fps with STO @ 1680x1050 (Lower resolution, but I'm also running two monitors.)
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