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Increased the base turn rate of the Science Vessel, Science Vessel Refit, Science Vessel Retrofit, and Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit from 14 to 15.
It's nice to see that at least one "older" ship is getting its stats modified, thus making it at least somewhat more desirable for a Fleet variant, but can we expect the same for other vessels as well? I mean, the Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit is basically the only lower tier Fleet ship that's worth any attention, while the rest is so underpowered they can barely stand up to the RA ships. I would gladly fly the Fleet Escort Retrofit (Sabre/Gladius), but its stats are way worse than your standard RA Patrol Escort, yet it costs the same as the superior Fleet Patrol Escort... What's the logic here?

I honestly don't get the purpose behind those lower tier retrofits. Are they there only to satisfy those few people who just want a ship for looks, and not performance? Why would anyone ever say to himself "oh gee, I surely want to spend 20$ for a ship that is worse than the one I got for free at RA"?

The Klingons suffer the most from this... No Fleet Marauder, no Fleet Kar'Fi, no Fleet Varanus, no Fleet B'Rel... yet they get a lot of lower tier retrofits, many of which could barely function as a BG (RA) ship...

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Resolved issues with HUD UI options not remembering changes for Mouse Over selections.