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08-18-2012, 09:02 AM
Now that a lot of fixes are in the pipeline (one is on Tribble, other fixes should be coming soon), I thought you might like to know what happened.

The new slowdown is primarily the result of changes to the Costume Editor. This means the more costumes you have, the slower your editing would be. Nagorak, your missions performed the worst out of everyone in this thread because you create so many custom costume. (BTW, Nagorak's missions are awesome because of all the custom costumes he makes. You should play them.)

On my test computer on one of Nagorak's projects, it would take 660 ms to update the UI after each change. On Tribble, it now takes 280 ms to update the UI. Once all the optimizations get in, it will take 180 ms to update the UI after each change. (These numbers are all on my computer. A slower computer will run slower.)