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08-18-2012, 09:28 AM
Off the top of my head...

The aft should mount a q-torp AND a photorp. You might consider making the aft qtorp the 180-degree qtorp - both to keep the fore firing arc stronger for DPS, and as a nod to the importance of the aft torp launcher in TNG (it was the first and last weapon to /ever/ fire on-screen for the Enterprise-D). All the energy weapons should be arrays - beam banks were very few and far between in TNG. They're kind of a relic from the TOS era, and even then, part of the reason they were viable was because there were a ton more of them to cover a much wider firing arc overall.

I would also suggest attempting to fit Aux2SIF3 in there (maybe). You may also consider Extend Shields, since this seems like an Enterprise-y thing to do.

And I agree that BFaW is more important than Beam Overload, and that two Reverse Shield Polarities seem a bit off.

That said, this is a neat little exercise. Thanks for posting it!

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