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Please get rid of roll, it's fokking stupid and I keep getting killed because I double tap to try and move to an edge !

It's so fokking stupid and lame !

I try to turn off double roll, but it doesn't work, it keeps fokking rolling.

Same as in space, the camera keeps targetting my target, I need to turn it off every time I start the game... but the roll just keeps happening even if I turn it off ! SO BUGGY !

(The worst part is I played first person shooters for 20 years, now granted this is a third person shooter, but when I play this buggy game, I feel like a noooooob, how am I suppose to play with such buggy controls... it's fricking amazing.... I used to own entire teams my side and their by myself, I actually stopped playing FPS because I became too good at it... but this game.... oh my god it suxxx bugs, shooter wise that is. )