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08-18-2012, 12:48 PM
What's wrong with strafing real fast ?!?!

It's hilarius that you think you actually need roll to dodge crap....

NAME one first person shooter which actually has roll in it and where it actually matters ?!

If CALL OF DUTY or Battlefield 3 does not have roll, then explain to me why this inferior game needs it ?!?!?


ROLL DOES NOT WORK.... it will slow you down much more than just strafing or running which is NONE STOP.

With roll you need to get back up... so it's just stupid.... I just proved it to you logically...

Only if there was a box that you could get behind might it have made some sense but even then it makes no sense...

Strafing/running towards box will work just as fast and good if not even faster.

Double tap is just buggy and slow under any condition.... hence why it is missing in any other decent shooter.