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08-18-2012, 01:25 PM
I'm liking my Fleet Tor'Kaht so far, as I've always wanted a cruiser that had enough Tac to be able to use cannons well and the ability to turn fast enough to feel 'sporty' (I.E. Not a Bortas).

It can tank pretty well with it's high shield modifier, large hull, and 5 Engineering BOff abilities. Plenty of turnrate with maxed impulse skill and KHG engines to line up targets in Fleet PvE(which I struggled a bit with a Kar'fi to do).

I haven't flown the Fleet K'tinga, so I can't compare directly, but it seems that comes out to a slightly buffed Vor'cha, which I can compare to. I was flying the Mirror Vor'cha prior to getting the Fleet Tor'Kaht Vor'cha, and the biggest difference is the Tac layout, enough for two cannon abilities and Attack Pattern Omega I (or three cannon abilities), a huge improvement if you want to run DHCs, either in flexibility (can have CSV and CRF) or firing the same one faster without needing to stack DOffs. The loss of Engineering BOff abilities means you still have enough to tank, but will miss out on specials, if you go with tanking, like Directed Energy Modulation and Eject Warp Plasma or healing others with Extend Shields. I've considered setting up the engineer I usually run in the Ensign spot to be setup with extend shields and Eject Warp Plasma so I can switch with the normal 'tank' engineer to run Blockade.

Still playing around with builds and BOff layout, I can post my current if you want though which is doing pretty decent in both DPS and tanking.