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This is my 'first flight' video which was recorded on Thursday morning. And yes it took me this long to get time to process the demos and stitch them up together into some sort of storyline that shows off the new ship.

We had some pilots from the Regent Class channel drop by the fleet starbase to run a short series of tactical trials.

This First Flight Video, inspired by real-life builders trials conducted for the US Navy's Littoral Combat Ship program is only the first half, as we also ran a huge Assault Cruiser flash mob followed by combat trials yesterday at Wolf 359.

Ps. This is not a ship review thread, just machinima and a close-up look of the new vessel and the Riker Maneuver ability.

For the actual ship utilized by most Regent class pilots they did not use the standard Regent model as it looks very 'flat'. The model used for combat trials is an upgraded Imperial class as shown in my signature and certain static shots at the front and back of the above-linked video.
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