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It's fokking annoying.

I buy a proton weapon, I go back buy more requestions, go back and accidently by a phaser... because apperently it always goes to phasers... instead of my last chosen menu... and proton is actually first on the menu but it still goes to phasers which is second ?!?!?!?

Nit picking ? Perhaps... but this is the second time this happened to me and it's annoying sort of... it also happened with wrong cannons.

Perhaps there should be a pop-up asking to confirm the purchase.... These salves require lots of work to get... so some popus are warranted...

Especially because I have to wresstle through all the other menu ****...

Why can't it just be one big menu... ?!

Why must I click a million times through all kinds of crap ?!?!?!?

Do you have any idea how many seconds this costs in a life time ?!

YOU DONT ?!?!?

WELL HERE IS A TIP: TRY DOING IT 100.000 TIMES and then we'll talk again ! =D

After you just grown 1 year older doing just this **** ! =D



EDC, Space, Ground blablablablabla, Require relisnish requisitino blablablablabla.... all that CRAP ONE BIG MENU... save some time ?!?!?

This kind of crap makes me wonder if you guys are trying to waste peoples time on purpose ?!? So they buy more zen perhaps ?!?!? not gonna work me thinks ?!

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