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Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
They do stack. With x3 of the best Doffs you can pretty much keep x2, 8 second torpedoes firing at max or near max speed all the time. With the 10 second torpedoes you need 3 torpedoes to keep all 3 at near max speed.

The way it works is fire first torpedo, 3 chances at 20% to trigger that can stack so you can have 3 triggers as once. Fire 2nd torpedo, 3 more chances to trigger and so on.
Yes, this is particularly handy if your build involves Tricobalts or Hargh'pengs. The former can get a DRASTIC boost if run alongside photons and a group of projectile doffs, the latter gets a neat kick out of ANY torpedo with projectile doffs.

Edit: For example, in the atypical scenario that all 3 trigger, you'll get at least 25% of your cooldown shaved off on a tricobalt. 2 triggering may also have that effect, and 1 trigger will cut out a neat amount too. *doesn't know the exact numbers, hence the massive lack of precision*

Also, how should I proceed for a PURE torpedo Vo'Quv using quad BoPs?
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