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08-18-2012, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
Also, how should I proceed for a PURE torpedo Vo'Quv using quad BoPs?
By scraping that idea.
The Vo'quv is so sluggy that you can't even reliably broadside - how are you supposed to get anything in your torp arcs? Within 5 minutes, and without drifitng out of range half a dozen times, that is.
Also ... BoPs already carry all the torpedo goodness there is, once shields are down they finish off anything within seconds - shield stripping though is your job ..... WAAAAAAAAAIT ... you're joking, right?
'Can't do that on the internet, people could think you're serious!
(If you actually were serious: see answer above, and know that I'm trying for a triple facepalm just in case.)