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Originally Posted by supergaminggeek View Post
I've played a lot of PvP with my fleet. Some of it for Dilithium, and others for training. Everyone had a way to recharge their shields, making my quantum torpedoes bad. My healing on a Science Odyssey was always more than twice my damage.
Once I've stumbled upon the Transphasic torpedo launcher by way of Breen, I've made use of it, and have seen more damage from my character than ever before. The enemy's ship's hull was degrading fast from a good High Yield, and for a decent DPV. Now, Instead of 200,000 Dmg/600,000 Heal, I'm dishing out 800,000 Dmg/400,000 Heal. The heal change was from my change of BOFF skills, though. More efficient.
Final Verdict: Transphasics are the most powerful torpedoes a man can use.
Sadly you are incorrect.

Photon torpedo will do more hull damage through shield than transphasics. Why?

They have higher base damage, much faster refire rate -and- a much, MUCH higher damage multiplier in torpedo boff abilities.

Transphasics will never be viable until they have higher shield penetration. Sadly, if that happens, shields become irrelevant and everything fubars.

Transphasics need to have their special ability changed.