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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Sadly you are incorrect.

Photon torpedo will do more hull damage through shield than transphasics. Why?

They have higher base damage, much faster refire rate -and- a much, MUCH higher damage multiplier in torpedo boff abilities.

Transphasics will never be viable until they have higher shield penetration. Sadly, if that happens, shields become irrelevant and everything fubars.

Transphasics need to have their special ability changed.
Ouch, that hurts to read.

Normal shields have a bleedthrough of 10%.
Transphasics penetrate these at 46%.
Transphasics deal about 67% of quantums per hit.
Rate of fire gets taken care of by DOffs, they are equal for all practical purposes.
-> Transphasics deal THREE TIMES the damage through shield than Quantums, which come in second.

For Resilient Shields, this looks even more bleak, with Transphasics coming in at nearly SIX times the dps.

HYT scales 1.3 times better with Quantums/Photons than Transphasics, but that still doesn't close the gap while shields are still up, with Transphasics dealing more than twice the damage, 4.5 times against resilient shields.

Edit: as we're at it ... I can actually attest that this works, at least versus escorts/raptors/BoPs and some Sci. 'Been on the receiving end of it a couple times, and the bleedthrough slowly kills you.
Edit2: f'ed up the HYT-mods, changed that part to reflect correct values.

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