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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
You don't use energy weapons?
That is correct I no longer use energy weapons. I used to use a single energy turret in the rear that has now been replaced by the 180" arc quantum torpdeo. I found in both PvE and PvP I kill faster without energy weapons. Every so often I go back to trying energy weapons but it never lasts. I spent last Friday & Saturday trying energy weapons gave up and when back to projectile.

EDIT: It should be stated I fly cruisers, I am not saying Escorts should abandon energy weapons.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Sadly you are incorrect.

Photon torpedo will do more hull damage through shield than transphasics. Why?

They have higher base damage, much faster refire rate -and- a much, MUCH higher damage multiplier in torpedo boff abilities.

Transphasics will never be viable until they have higher shield penetration. Sadly, if that happens, shields become irrelevant and everything fubars.

Transphasics need to have their special ability changed.
He is not incorrect. Photons do far less damage then Transphasics more so if you speed up Transphasics to fire as fast as Photons. I find Photons are the worst torpedoes to use as nearly always Transphasics or quantum both beat out Photons.

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