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Originally Posted by oninotaki18 View Post
My question is this, as a science officer can the b'rel be used as a science vessel?


Cheers & thanks for any help in advance.

The B'rel can be used as a science support vessel very easily. In fact it's THE best science support ship in the game.


Because it decloaks, does the science ability and re-cloaks in 3 seconds time.

A b'rel with:


Jam Sensors 1, Scramble Sensors 1, Gravity Well 1, Gravity Well 3

Lt Cmdr

Science team, Transfer Shield strength 2, Hazard 3


Transfer Shield strength 1 , Science team 2


Engineering Team 1, Aux to SIF 1

Is the ultimate crowd control and assist-healer there is. All these abilities if you click them will cause the B'rel to decloak and re-cloak in 3 seconds (only energy weapons fire will disrupt the 3-second cloak).

You have no tactical boffs but you can still dish pain. Load forward weapons with:

Tricobalt (or bioneural)x 2, harpeng, breen cluster (or replace one tricobalt with ferengi rockets if you have them)

Aft weapons:

Chroniton mines, tractor beam mines.

and you can deal very nice limited range aoe damage and lay mines to support in key areas.

B'rel does NOT decloak when dropping mines.