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hint: that data will be worthless.
Because all you've generated is data on how to deal a lot less damage than possible.
You don't use EPtW to get to 125 weapon power, you use it to buffer power drain BEYOND 125.

If your weapon power with EPtW up is 125 and you're using six beams, you'd be firing at a sustained rate at 75 (slightly more, but lets just go with this) power.
If your weapon power is 125 to start with and you use EPtW2 (~30 bonus weapon power), then you'd be firing at a sustained rate at 105 (slightly more, same as above) power.
I was asked to provide the data, and I have gathered it as best as I can. Since I treated both ships similarly, it will likely help give some determination of just what it can do, though with these facts in mind I will likely run a few more missions to see how it turns out.

If that's the case then this fact needs to be publicized much more.

Almost every post I have ever seen insists that any power over 125 is power that is wasted. If it acts as a buffer, then it really isn't "wasted," so this assertion does not tell the entire story. But from reading those threads it seems to have slipped off into the aether, never to be seen or heard from again.


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People like the two of you are the reason we have those "Cruisers are useless" threads.
And attitudes like yours are why people don't post on the forums to ask things like why a rainbow cruiser is bad. There is a reason I am asking.