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Sentinal walks out( name of the guardians of the rift sentinals) sees ryan bound and with a slight gesture destroys the bindings.

In a powerful force he sends a message to there enemy.

You cannot stop or seal something you dont understand. The rift is a entity it is alive and cannot be contained by the likes of you.

Transports ryan away to safety.

I may not be able to kill you. But i wont have to i can still stop you now. Me and the rift have become one. It is now in me and all its knowledge and power is mine. We are now one and we are very very angry.

Ooc: i dont know how you plan for this to go. But i like this new enemy.
Northman: The rift my poor friend... is a part of nature and can be used along with everything else. You can't stop anything from happening sentinel. I have seen the true heart of the universe and it be cones for change. I am surprised you don't know why I am here really search deep down and you will see. Your inactivity caused this. Those deaths are on you me and allington.