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08-18-2012, 05:37 PM
Northman: Now Allington, I don't believe in the light from the soul. That won't solve our problems even with all life changed. What we need is to remove the influences ruining the galaxy. The Iconians wish this sort of thing but what they did not expect was that nature itself will ALWAYs find a way to ignore the meddling of the Iconians. The Iconians want the galaxy through any means necessary even if that means manipulating their enemies. They wanted your Federation Civil War. Allen knew this they did not want him proactively cleaning out the Iconians as he was on their case.

Yes what I am saying is that YOU and your independent faction are the cause of my appearance. You are the reason that there are millions dead and all of your starfleets are crippled. Allen surprisingly is blameless in this entire thing. But forcing him away was something I couldn't believe you cast aside your friend and ally because you couldn't and didn't want to understand what he was trying to say. You now have more blood on your hands than most Admirals during the Dominion war ever could have thought.