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Originally Posted by red01999 View Post

And attitudes like yours are why people don't post on the forums to ask things like why a rainbow cruiser is bad. There is a reason I am asking.
True. I'll have to apologize, to you at least.
I've been getting mad at maelwy5 and ussultimatum for the misinformation they spread, and the hairebrained way they "tested" their data. And I've been letting that effect how I replied to you. That was wrong, and I, again, apologize.

The math on EPtW though is correct, has been tested repeatedly, with both beams and cannons, the results have been parsed both manually and using the current (and finally working) version of the ACT plugin, and the results matched.
If you look up the PvP forums, you'll see that people there make use of this quite regularily and with great success.

Problem being: this game has gone through a couple of incarnations in combat mechanics and skill changes already, and, like in so many other case where information gets outdated, people still believe the old versions and theories to be accurate and will just repeat them ad nauseam, with horrible harm to the people who listen and follow their advice.
Unfortunately, a very common issue in science, and less harmful but still annoying, in theorycrafting for games.


As for the other two ... I'm done trying to argue with you. No point. There's so many mistakes you made, that I'd be typing for a week to list all of it, and I'm not going to do so.
You can ask another time, and maybe I'll try to explain, but for now I can't see any indication that you're able to see that you're wrong. No sense going any further with this.
'Doesn't mean I'm out of this thread if further questions arise, though my replies to your posts will be restricted to pointing out where you're giving horrible advice, not in spending any effort to explain to you why.