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Sentinal simply relaxes and takes in his surrondings or lack of he takes a moment to consider what has been said. Thinking now of what could have been done differently. Wha he can still do. Fate may have played its hand but he had never been one to leave thongs to fate.
*A little wimper comes around and it is a familiar voice. That the sentinel knows all too well. *

*Back with Northman and Allington *

But alas Allington, if there is one thing that your crimes of ignorance and intolerance and your blind trust have earned is death. But I won't kill you. No. That is not my place. I will let the masses have their way with you, right now we are over a colony that has been demanding a starfleet officer for justice to be done to him. Your people have turned against you and now they demand change and a new order.

*Northman walks away from Allington, hands behind his back*

I now give you to the people you so love!

*A Swift kick to Allington's chest into the ravenous lynch mob.*

Enjoy your life for what ever is left of it.

Urugag lift off it is time for the plan to continue.

Urugag: Yes captain at once.

*The vessel leaves the planetoid as the lynch mob begins to beat, stone, kick, claw, and rip Allington to pieces. His powers disabled and now a true Oldtype. *