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Originally Posted by bannon3 View Post
Thats where mine are too. I suppose you can always reinstall and put the files where you want them to go, thats what i did last night when I tried the download I made new folders for everything. For everyone posting and those quite upset I am there with you, I feel the pain. I too have dropped a crap load of money on add ons and goodies in the cstore plus bought the collectors edition in the beginning, you know before this nonsense began I was seriously considering buying the lifetime, can you imagine how much worse the pain would be right now?!!
Intriguing that your game files are in the same location! My gut instinct tells me that this all boils down to some problem with either IP/ISP addressing or STO software file accessing.

For instance, previous patches might have been tuned in to certain IP protocols and cleared successfully, allowing for proper patching and login. Similarly, and with specific regard to our relative STO file locations, perhaps previous patches were tuned into specific locations on user hard-drives (likely both the location paths described above), in order to facilitate patching.

Perhaps that somehow got screwed up with the last patch protocols? So, that players with files located at 'C:\Users\Public\Games\Cryptic Studios' have been unable to get to the Cryptic Launcher Autoupdate? While players with files located at 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Cryptic Studios' have been able to patch and login properly?

I know that I've discussed game file locations with my pal who has been able to connect lately. And, if I recall correctly, his files are located at 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Cryptic Studios'. Whereas my files and Bannon3's have been located at 'C:\Users\Public\Games\Cryptic Studios'.

Can't help wondering if that might be connected to our problem!

With having had something like this happen, I would honestly hesitate from buying a lifetime membership, whilst I've contemplated doing so, once more income starts rolling in. That said, I have already spent somewhere around and likely in excess of $200 on all sorts of stuff for this game, 'cause I've loved Trek for about 38 years now and I'm always keen on maximizing my in-game experience.

When I was last logged in, I had just commissioned and named a Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser, which I had won through at an SSR party. I held off on customizing the ship and trying it out until next time. Also last time, some really nice fella had invited me to his starbase and I got inadvertently trapped there (yet another bug I've been meaning to write about!). He felt so bad about it that he gave me 30 Nakura requisition boxes as compensation for my trapped woe. I had only opened one and was intent on digging into and sorting the others next time. Then yesterday, I had discovered that I can use the Type 6 material for my Armitage again, which prompted me to log in at the break of dawn and discover this problem we've been dealing with.

Now, I have no idea whatsoever when 'next time' in-game is gonna be. And I'm pretty frakkin' peeved at being unable to rectify this problem.

So yeah, I'm feeling some pain, sadly. Yet, at least now I've got some whiskey to ease that pain a wee bit. Much rather go back to being a drunken Admiral though!
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