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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Maybe it's being 'new', but I still haven't found the real limits on what a BoP can already do role-wise in the hands of a good player.

Team need a science-ship for delivering the gravity wells, Tyken's rifts, power drain, radiation pulse, photonic shockwaves, etc etc. etc.? It'll do that.

Team need an Escort bird with lots of cannons and firepower that maneuvers like a ferret on methamphetemine? BoP does that, too.

The only thing it DOESN'T do, is "Stand still and weather the incoming", but that doesn't really fit with the doctrine anyway-KDF ships MOVE, they're not bunkers and they're not supposed to be. (well, there are a couple of exceptions-but they're the exception for a reason.)
Can it do that science role with a Tactical captain that's been specc'd for another role? I, unlike some elite players, don't apparently respec my characters every week. I've got it specc'd for hit-and-run ambushing, and it's staying there. That means it can be swatted like a damn fly if the enemy finds so much as a 1-2 second gap between Tac Teams/RSP. It's ridiculous. Even a Federation Escort can last the gaps between Tac Team/RSP buffs, enough to stay in the fight.