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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*Kara is worried.*

Kara: Are you sure ...?

I am hon.. Its the only thing I can do to help them...

Kara: They may have been fooled but you have given them everything... There is nothing more left for you to give to them...

There is still something... Even in this ever changing galaxy there is only hope now in this never ending train of darkness. All is not lost even Hope may run out but for even me there is still something left for me to do. I am thinking of.. him

*He places his hand on her belly*

*SHe is dumbstruck*

Trust me... hon... I will make this galaxy a better place for him and you. I am going to leave you in the care of Shelana, Jane, and Rei Ross.

Kara: Just be sure to come back.. That is an order...

*Allen Smirks wryly. and Salutes.* Yes mam.

Come on Sentinel we are going.
Allen i will give you the time that you need. I will keep him occupied in combat until you are ready young warrior.

He brandishes his two guardian weld swords.

He will have no choice but to face me in combat with these.