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Very well ill follow your lead.
*The portal takes the the duo to the bridge of the USS Odyssey the crew is amazed at the sudden arrival of their missing Captain and leader.*

Shelana: Admiral....!

Hello Shelana *as he dusts himself off.* Kara says hello.

What is the status report fill me in on what is going on, our current battle strength, and the strength of the enemy.

*They begin to fill in Allen on what has transpired since his disappearance. Allen is sickened by the news but not surprised. *

So. Not only have our battle strengths been nearly decimated, but our tactics and countermeasures are only minimal. To make things worse Northman has mastered the Omega particle, and has made not just weapons of it but shields, and has better countermeasure systems.

Well this crap storm just gets worse. We have gathered on Celes Prime and since he has gathered another mass driver and railgun we have very little chance of mounting a proper counterattack. I can only surmise that his target is our base of operations, how many ships do we have?

Shelana: just a bit over 1000 vessels.


We need to gather some kind of way to damage the ships, and to give them pause.

Sentinel do you think you can manage capturing a few vessels?