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08-19-2012, 01:16 AM
Originally Posted by beezle23 View Post

Wow, I'd have thought you could get better out of a 6970, it's a couple of steps up from what I have (GTX275). With my old GTX275, I average around 60fps with STO @ 1680x1050 (Lower resolution, but I'm also running two monitors.)
older cards run dx9 better than many of the newer cards especially budget versions of the newer chips. gt 430 and i can run newer dx11 games full up, (deus ex:HR, crysis 2, etc) 1920x1080...start hitting mmo's with older engines based around dx9 and things slow down. older series gpus were designed around dx9/dx10. they rock. it's also why they can't just be upscaled or a driver fix to handle dx11, because they were designed around an older dx, shader, and ogl version(s).

now...if cryptic/pwe wanted to be reeeeally nice...the could create another client entirely dx11 and x64 that could be an optional d/l besides the main client. >.>

(like that will happen)