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To end this on a positive note. The 200 shares of PWRD I purchased back in late January went up and close at 11.17 today. I am still kicking myself for not selling out back in March, but I suppose I can wait and see. At least my head is above water again... for now.
I keep asking myself, what kind of moron invests $2000+ in Perfect World stock? Then I look at my brother and say, oh yeah....

@designationxr377: Well if they do plan to use this as the editor for other games then they should get it working here. My opinion they need to use the preview as the object editor.

To explain; imagine you place a crate or console on the map. Now you enter 3D preview and use your character to move and adjust the object. This would be a lot easier than most people would think to program. I am a programmer by trade and have hammered out things such as this over a long weekend by myself.

From my experience, either the Cryptic team is either very small in numbers or not working on the Foundry at all. I personally have been at a point where I have too many projects on the desktop and not enough focus on what is the most important. I have found this makes all your projects suffer. Cryptic management can't be so weak or lack so much direction?

But that is how it "feels" I have no way to know this for sure.