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*A little wimper comes around and it is a familiar voice. That the sentinel knows all too well. *

*Back with Northman and Allington *

But alas Allington, if there is one thing that your crimes of ignorance and intolerance and your blind trust have earned is death. But I won't kill you. No. That is not my place. I will let the masses have their way with you, right now we are over a colony that has been demanding a starfleet officer for justice to be done to him. Your people have turned against you and now they demand change and a new order.

*Northman walks away from Allington, hands behind his back*

I now give you to the people you so love!

*A Swift kick to Allington's chest into the ravenous lynch mob.*

Enjoy your life for what ever is left of it.

Urugag lift off it is time for the plan to continue.

Urugag: Yes captain at once.

*The vessel leaves the planetoid as the lynch mob begins to beat, stone, kick, claw, and rip Allington to pieces. His powers disabled and now a true Oldtype. *
Q: Now, now, now, my friends. This isn't how we treat a nexus, is it? *Snaps his fingers, pushing the mob away from Allington.* You wish to see the truth? Here is the truth! *Snaps fingers, reversing the evolution, temporarily as the planet's still being bombarded by particles* You have turned into what you hate! This man tried to bring the war to a close with the least amount of bloodshed on both sides of the conflict, by making them understand the repercussions of their actions. *Snaps fingers, healing Ryan's wounds. As the crowd moves to attack him again. Q snaps his fingers and a barrier appears around Ryan.* You don't understand, Northman. Evolution can't be pushed upon a race. It must happen naturally. Evolution is a natural process and mustn't be interfered with, either by accelerating it, or hampering it. *Opens a portal* Go ahead Mon Capitaine. He can hear you.

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