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OOC: Lets keep him here.

Northman: Oh Sinclaire how good for you to join us. But unfortunately we have spoken already.

*Wave of his hand the portal and sinclaire are closed shut and tight. Ryan is back in the brig, and sinclaire is now trapped in a cage in a black hole in another galaxy.*

Northman: Now we can speak plainly "Captain" Allington. You act like evolution is an evil thing. It isn't. oh your little Iconian friend is a known liar and I could sense it. You wonder why they chose you Allington? They could not sway Allen... Allen lets say was measurabley more intelligent than you are I am afraid. The reason Bajor happened and the attack on Deep Space 61 happened is because they needed to get him out of the way. He knew their plans. He wanted to show the light within the heart of every living being. He wanted to show Smith what he was doing. That was his plan Earth and get Smith to stop. But since you and the guardians did not see this you ate up the farce the Iconians fed you like mindless cattle.

I expected more from a Starfleet officer.
Ryan: You truly believe I can be fooled that easily? I've been in the Veil, felt it's power course through my body, everything that is and could be. Siraga was telling the truth. If he lied, it was a lie of omission.

Before the fall of the Iconian Empire, there was a coalition of races. Preserver, Shedai, Sentinel, Guardian and Iconian. They watched over the Veil and studied what had been, and what had yet to come.

What do you know of a 21st Century Science Fiction Program called "Doctor Who"? It was actually very close to the truth. There are several events in Time and Space which are fixed. They must occur in every reality or the Realities start breaking down. Soval and Allen have seen the results of this. The temporal Anomaly in the Universal Core was caused by something changing. The first Sentinel's death caused it, and now you're trying to destroy his successor.

You can't accelerate the process of Evolution. As Katherine Pulaski once said, "For one glimpse at the blueprint of Human Evolution, the men of the U.S.S. Lantree paid with their lives". Don't you understand? Humanity will evolve when it's ready, I've seen it. By bringing forward Human Evolution to this point, you're endangering all realities!

Siraga is the last Iconian Veil Guardian. He's the one that sealed the Iconians from entering the Veil. He can be trusted as an ally. I've seen it. Once someone sees the Veil, really SEES it, they're never quite the same again. I understand everything that's happened recently. The abduction of Admiral Soval, The Destruction of Romulus, all of it! I see why it happened, and it's repercussions.

You think I drove Allen away? If you think I feared what he was becoming, you don't understand me at all. I'm still a Starfleet Officer, in heart if not in rank. The unknown is why I'm here. Allen's Evolution was an accident, but one that was supposed to happened. If he returns, I'll fight by his side.

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