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08-19-2012, 05:02 AM
There are a few things I dislike about the Regent and most of them stem from the split-hull.

I dislike the split-hull. It makes no sense. And just creates an abnormally large negative space in the over-long hull.

The split-hull looks ugly from the side-view too. We see that it has altered the profile of the ship far from the Sovereign's aerodynamic curves into a retro "flat" curves. making the top-side of the hull, from the side-view, look fat.

The inside walls of this negative space are dead straight too. Like a cheap attempt to lower polygon count.

Where the Sovereign's hull beautifully tapers up to the deflector the Regent has dead flat lines.

This is actually what kills it for me. These straight lines. One thing you will notice about the Sovereign is there is hardly a straight line or flat surface in sight. the Regent has very different styling which bizarely looks more retro, than the usual 2409 refit method of styling.

And from the front we see the extremely undersized deflector is sitting in a boring triangle shape.

You will notice that this weird decision to try and shoe-horn a split-hull into a Sovereign has meant that these ship parts will look RIDICULOUS when combined with any of the other Assault Cruiser parts.

What a waste of a refit. they managed to botch up what should have been a no-brainer. All because the Akira is a "fan favourite". Lets make every ship take cues from the Akira! Lets make early Enterprise look like upside down Akira. Lets make Sovereign have split hull too!!!!... NO.