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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
True. I'll have to apologize, to you at least.
I've been getting mad at maelwy5 and ussultimatum for the misinformation they spread, and the hairebrained way they "tested" their data. And I've been letting that effect how I replied to you. That was wrong, and I, again, apologize.

The math on EPtW though is correct, has been tested repeatedly, with both beams and cannons, the results have been parsed both manually and using the current (and finally working) version of the ACT plugin, and the results matched.
If you look up the PvP forums, you'll see that people there make use of this quite regularily and with great success.
I kind of didn't want to blatantly point this out, because I don't like highlighting whenever other people are digging themselves into a deep pit... but if you're taking PVP board threads as your primary source of information, then you'll find one of two things:

(i) They're talking about an OLD system (in the past there has been a hard cap of 125, with no buffer. As well as a hard cap of 135) so please check the date on the thread.

(ii) They're talking about the current system - in which case the data they're using is likely primarily derived from the data on that very spreadsheet which I created and linked to above.

I'm certainly not the only one who has performed testing on this, and I certainly can't take credit for the theory... but at the time of posting my results pretty much confirmed what was already suspected by certain members of the STO community, and those results have been used since then to prove the point in many threads, both in and out of the PVP forums. You'll find that spreadsheet in particular linked all over the place.

I hope you can see that attempting to argue with the information I'm posting based upon the same information I'm posting is a bit... well...

For examples of the aforementioned results, and a full history of the Weapons cap interaction, I suggest you try searching for PVP board posts by dontdrunkimshoot, amongst many others. Heck, just google for over 125 weapons power and see what pops up. I guarantee you that you'll find several examples linking to my results, and no reasonable disagreements with it.

Bearing all that in mind, I'm still curious as to what "misinformation" you think we're spreading here... but I trust that other readers of this thread will be able to make up their own minds about it.

As for the other two ... I'm done trying to argue with you. No point.
I most certainly agree.

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