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Originally Posted by valiant797 View Post
So, I was taking a look at the Regent class in the store when I noticed a teensy problem with her warp nacelles.

The warp nacelles are too low. They are not visible from the front of the ship. Big deal, right? Well, it breaks canon in one little way. The intention is that the Bussard Ramscoops (otherwise known as the red tips on most nacelles) are visible from the front so that they can collect hydrogen particles and help refuel the ship.

Darned if I can't find a good source on that to cite, but my internet-fu is a bit dragged down by exhaustion/insomnia.

The Sovereign always towed the line on this one pretty close, but the ramscoops are clearly visible from the front. (and all her other variants follow the rule as well)

I'm sure there are other ships in the game that probably break this rule, but this is the Enterprise and its spirtual successor.

Raise those nacelles.

(yes, I know changing the pylons out probably fixes this, but the stock Regent should be right)
LOL I too checked this out since I fly a sovy, the sovy nacelles are to low for where it should be but when I checked the regent they are not. You can see the bussard collectors clearly.

But in this pic they don't look like the have been risen or lowered, I think it is got to do with the game eng, the sovy and excelsior have the same prob. Was hoping they fixed this as in the movies and films you can clearly see the bussard collectors either above the saucer or below it never hiding behind the saucer.