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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
You're doing it wrong. Very sadly wrong. The only guy worse so far was Mr DPV guy. Granted BO3 in pve seems sorta lulz, but if you can't get the shields down on stf bosses in very short order there's some other issue. Or are you now going to say you didn't mean that? Sorta curious on that.

And if you in particular have some sort of set up where you can't get past a players shields in PVP well I guess that's YOUR problem. Stop saying everyone else shares your fail.

"laugh while your power levels are drained to zero"....Do you even play STO?

"BO+Quantum combo means you're optimizing for trash kills.
Transphasics optimize for sustained hull dps on tough target ... or: targets where it actually counts."

And what is this crap? If you're going to make **** up, make up some good ****! Some people just like saying stuff. Someday someone will explain to me why that is.

And before you nerd rage into a frenzy. You're reasoning is flawed. You've simply created situations where your solution appears to be the only solution. If you'd like to propose an argument, go ahead. You haven't yet.

Cheers and happy flying!
'Didn't say you can't get the shields down on STF bosses quickly. A good group can, just fine. The same group will burn through the hull even faster though, so that argument goes both ways.
That's a general problem with the PvE in this game, it's trivial for a good group and nearly impossible for a very bad one.

If you're running with some Sci-heavy ships specialzied for draining shield, then shields are a total non-issue, I'll give you that - that's one of the reasons I said that transphasics weren't optimal, just less bad than people make them out to be. And also why I usually pack Quantums instead.
For a more typical group (one lacking a drain-ship, as these are actually quite rare), shields are indeed an issue though, and you'll be shooting at shields long enough that transphasics can make up for most of the damage they lose once shields are down: One hit to shields plus one hit to hull deals pretty much the same damage no matter what kind of torps you're using.
So, assuming that shields are up for half the fight, transphasics come in equal to quantums.

As for PvP: seriously, any decent cruiser, carrier or science ship can tank a BO3 + HYT combo just fine. These ships rarely if ever die in a 1v1 situation, it takes focussed fire to bring them down.
Against Escorts, yeah, that one's all about burst ... and about avoiding any situation where you're vulnerable to such a burst.
If you can bring down a zombie cruiser with BO + HYT ... well, then I'm indeed doing something wrong, please share how you do it. Really. These things are driving me mad.

Beam Overload is a very situational skill. All about burst. You have to punch through shields with that ONE attack and follow it up with a killing blow from torps. That works very well for squishy targets.
On non-squishies though, that single BO won't take out the complete shields. All you did is drain your weapon power by 50 for a single big number, and you're actually losing dps unless you popped a battery, in which case you still lost a cooldown.
That's why BO actually IS not just "sorta lolz", but a total waste in PvE - any other ability in that slot gives you a bigger increase in dps and is actually sustainable, while BO just gives you one big number and burns through consumeables.
It's a situational PvP skill. A gamble for a big burst combo, a gamble you need a setup for that loses you sustained dps, both from sacrificing a BOff-ability slot and from having to carry a DBB or BA instead of another DHC. And of course you need to be in a position to pull it off in the first place, which usually means cloak, which also limits BO's usefulness.
'Doesn't mean it's totally useless, I never said that - but it's not optimal either, unless you plan to farm noobs or want to two-shot Probes/Mirandas in PvE.

Side note: yeah, seems I've been a bit ragy yesterday, sleep fixed that. And aside from the f'-up with the HYT modifiers (which really doesn't change much though), my points actually stand. I'll just have a harder time explaining them now ... D'Oh!