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# 11 A Plea to Cryptic
08-19-2012, 09:14 AM
Dear Cryptic,

I know you spent a very long time working on the new Foundry and it is very much appreciated. The new features you have added are very nice, the new system for building the story is simple and streamlined and the new assets look fantastic.

However, there are some areas in which the Foundry has suffered from its latest incarnation. For starters, the new rotation system...why? The old one was fantastic, you click the arrow on one side of an asset and you could point it wherever you wanted. So why change it? Why do we now have four arrows that can sometimes not turn the way you want, but instead just decide to go their own way based on the movement of the mouse? Then there's the map centering on whichever asset you have just placed. This might seem like a nice useful feature, but usually, the map is already in the general area I want it to be when I place an asset, so why must it then move of its own accord, making me wait before I can edit the asset. Finally, the lag. What has happened? I remember the days when I would tell the Foundry to do something and it would do it and I could move on. Now, I tell the Foundry to do something and it thinks about it for a moment, sometimes it even thinks about it, starts doing it and then stops to think about it some more before completing the action. There must be a way to fix this, there simply must! The Foundry never used to have this problem, so what have you don't to it to make it so unsure of the actions that it is asked to complete.

In fact, everything else would be wonderful, all the new features and systems, if only the Foundry didn't lag. Please...Please...PLEASE, Cryptic...fix the lag. That's all I ask.

Thank you very much,

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