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The old issue of torpedoes killing the crew in a matter of seconds needs to be addressed.

I have no problem taking heavy crew casualties IF the torpedo hits the hull.

However, this nonsense of a photon torpedo that barely hurts the shields wiping out a third of my crew is outright silly.

I've equipped my VoQuv with FULL set of crew recovery and emergency force field mk11 rare consoles to see if they'd prevent crew loss... and it doesnt. The moment a single torpedo spread hits you the console bonuses cease and your crew drops like flies...despite the fact the shields never went below 80%.

We know that damage can differentiate between a shield hit and a hull hit. Torpedoes already do this. Why not then do the same thing for the crew damage from them?

Have the torpedoes apply the crew damage ONLY when they hit the hull. Make the shield impact crew death be 0%.