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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Sentinal soon returns with 8 of the enemy ships.

Allen here are a few ships. They where getting aware of my attacks and getting harder to suprise.
Very well. Now we need crews.

From what I could sense Allington is alive and still is deluded and engineered to follow his Iconian masters will. I think Q wants to see who's plan will succeed. Allington is mistaken if he is thinking he is going to save the galaxy. His way is just going to condemn everyone. The Iconians wanted someone to manipulate and they found it in Allington. He doubts the change is perfect, it is up to all of us. Not just one man.

*Red Alerts ring*

Tactical: Sir Massive energy signatures are coming in. along with an asteroid...


They are going to drop it on the planetoid? On our combined fleets and ground troops... Damn it.

Assemble the fleet we have to make our stand.

*The Vessels form up to try and stop the asteroid a hopeless mission but they have to try.*

I want all ships to fire a volley at the ships. If you are out of the fight ram the rock and try and get the self destruct sequence to take out enemy ships. Sentinel I need you to deal with Allington... He doesn't know what he is doing he has been corrupted down to his genetic code. The Iconians are as desperate as we are, He won't be able to kill Northman (only one can kill him)

*Back on Northman's ship*

Northman: Oh Allington don't you know Q is only interested in seeing which side wiins, The Iconians have meddled and destroyed your mind. Also you can't kill me not even the Q can. I can only be killed by one person and its not you. Here your body scans and brainwaves show that you have been tampered with. You are now an Iconian toy. They represent the old mode of thinking, you will bring nothing but destruction the galaxy. And death to all Newtypes. That I cannot allow and nor can nature itself.