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Sentinal takes his place on the planet.

I will shield the planet as best as i can from attack. If you fail to stop the asteriod i will deal with it. Contact me when you are ready to face him.
*Sentinel do you feel that.*

*The Battle is not going well for the Defense fleet. Their losses are becoming worse and worse. The Asteroid is still falling. *

*USS Odyssey is moderately damaged.*

*Allington is trying to killing Northman but failing, he is not listening to the people of the Galaxy who have already spoken. The Evolution has been completed. *

*More vessels from stationary starfleet vessels come and try and assist the defense fleet, Klingons send more vessels and fighters, Romulans and Remans are working together as equals.* But yet the light is getting warmer and brighter around all of them.*

Sentinel send me to northman, if Allington tries to interfere stop him.