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Can it do that science role with a Tactical captain that's been specc'd for another role? I, unlike some elite players, don't apparently respec my characters every week. I've got it specc'd for hit-and-run ambushing, and it's staying there. That means it can be swatted like a damn fly if the enemy finds so much as a 1-2 second gap between Tac Teams/RSP. It's ridiculous. Even a Federation Escort can last the gaps between Tac Team/RSP buffs, enough to stay in the fight.
WELL...comparing my KDF character (who's never owned anything BUT a BoP until last night), and my Tac Captain in Starfleet (who's still below L30), there's not much gap at the same stage in their careers (both are Tac Captains), but the BoPs, even at lower levels, aren't that far off of a Feddie Escort, and a hell of a lot more versatile thanks to the Universal consoles-at Commander my KDF had access to more talents from her crew (in a lt. Commander's bird, btw-I actually MISSED the cue to step up the equipment before she reached L30-that missed token got used last night to buy her only non-Bird of Prey ride.)

I will say that one does tend to lean more on "Science Team" than "Tactical Team" though-esp. in Starbase Alert or anytime you respond to the red, blinking "Alert" to go fight one of Unimatrix's children (those borg missions that hit every Sector at least once a day). Reason being, that the AI isn't entirely stupid-it WILL try to gang up on you in those missions, esp. if you're slinging energy-drains, Tyken's Rifts, Gravity-wells, and Viral Matrix around. Tac Team is really, really, nifty if you're being boarded..but that's on ANY rig, I'd expect. Being able to get your shields back up in that breath between when you've come out of Cloak, and the other side's noticed that you're there pretty much REQUIRES Science team, just like fixing your structural damage in that moment you're not targeted by half the map requires Engineers.

Doctrine with the lighter KDF units pretty much demands you go in with a buddy or two to those situations, and that you watch each other's backsides and flanks.

(tough to do, I know-finding someone WILLING to do it is first, finding someone both willing and ABLE comes next, it's hard to keep your wingman in sight when you're also being ganged...)

But it's not a defect of the design, and you don't really need to respec your captain every week-to-ten-days. Just find a build that works with you, and some partners who work with your build...and remember you don't need to be ABLE to solo a TAC cube on an Elite STF to get kills in Kerrat (the "come as you are" PvP experience, no ques and you never know WHAT is going to show up! It's my very favouritest testing ground for builds because flaws are revealed IMMEDIATELY...)