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*The Veil. Siraga has retreated to regather his strength. he sees his old brethren withdraw to their dark places*

Siraga: I can keep them there for a while once the Universe is back on track. Meanwhile, Ryan seems to be doing fine avoiding a conflict with Northman. If only I could help him return his crew, his friends, to their homes. It's taking everything I have to protect the people on the Colony from the particles. they're thinking more clearly than everyone else right now.

Northman has to stop. Humanity will evolve on it's own when it's ready. But, he's right about one thing: We should have prepared the Galaxy for the Iconians long ago. Now, all that keep them away is the knowledge that Man has the ability to crush them. My people are vastly outnumbered. The Younger races could win this war as they were, if I help them prepare.

Sentinel and I, we should have prepared them long before this. Now, everything is unbalanced!

*Opens a telepathic link to a star remnant on the far reaches of the Galaxy.*

Sentinel. Sentinel, can you hear me. He really did give his life. *Opens a link to the Sinclaire Sentinel* Sentinel, we must begin to move quickly. If we can stop Northman from fracturing Reality, I'll be forced to divert all my strength to prevent my people from seeing the danger has passed! You'll be the only active Guardian of the Veil! You must trust Allington. He's the one the Coalition spoke of, Eons ago. He needs help to become what destiny chooses him to be. Allen is destined for greatness too, but, he must work with Allington now. When the task is complete, bring the two of them here. There is much they must know.
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