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"Stray Dogs", is my first Foundry mission in that endeavor! And God willing more to come

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer!

This is my first attempt, and sadly due to the limitations of the foundry, there was much I just could not accomplish.

What I did do, I hope you enjoy!

Here are some hints to help you get the most from the episode:

Not everything is as it seems. Explore the maps, you may well stumble onto an unexpected side-arc. Alternative scenarios and choices play an important of the storyline, but to achieve this, I was unable to include it in the main storyline. Before rushing through the "main" story arc, listen to what the NPC's are telling you. They could be giving you clues of what to do next!

I wish I could reward the players in some way for completing tasks, but alas simply knowing that you saved the day will have to suffice!


If there is one thing more than anything I would like to see included in the Foundry tool, it would be the ability to include side-arc missions, and special rewards for individual tasks. Did I mention more assets?