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Allington the evolution is done, You cannot kill Northman. Northman is a being of nature sent to push the evolution through as it was intended when man and the other races went into space.

OOC: This situation is nature's way of pulling through even through the worst kind of meddling. I actually already have an endgame in mind and it is going to be something you might not expect. Northman is a character that understands nature's will and that of the universe itself. There is only one way for this to end. (its tragic but not in the sense your thinking.) Northman really isn't a madman but someone who is an ends justifies the means. And someone who has lost faith in a lot of things. He is nature's tool and he knows it.

*Allen arrives on Northman's vessel alone with a shuttle, He knows what he has to do. Northman is standing in front of the control panel on the bay of the asteroid. Soon Allen arrives.*

Northman: *laughs* I knew it would only be a matter of time before you showed back up Allen..

You know why I am here then.

Northman: I have won, why do you need to fight me.

To stop the mindless violence and the destruction. This is not why we were here.

Northman: The galaxy can't take anymore conflict, or those parasites.

I know that.. That is why we have to show them the light within every soul.

Northman: So faith and wisdom will stop all of our problems.

Poor soul you have lost faith in that light.

I have to stop you.

*The fight breaks out and its brutal to say the least. But it ends quickly with Allen pinning him to the console in the room, he brings up Northman's omega weapon.*

There is one thing Northman that I find sad about you. You could have been a great leader and someone that could have led the people. But now.. I pity you... Putting you down is the only thing I can think of but I know it won't make things better, it just shows how much we all have lost but it needs to be done.

*He aims the weapon at Northman and fires and it disintegrates Northman and he explodes in a burst of light.*

*He makes his way back to the shuttle he came here in.*

* After several minutes the shuttle comes back out and sticks itself right in front of the asteroid. In a seemingly futile attempt to push it back. But the light around everything is getting brighter and warmer.*

*The Asteroid begins to enter the atmosphere. More vessels then enter range and try as well.*

*The light gets brighter and warmer. There is comfort in it.*
*Watching the events through Q's portal, the crew of Captain Allington looks stunned*

Ryan: He's not...

Q: He is. It's the only way to save the lives on Celes.

Ryan: No it's not! D*** you, Q! You could remove that asteroid with a single thought!

Q: And that would achieve the opposite outcome the Universe desires.

Ryan: What?

Q: There is no choice.

Daya: You're talking about the deaths of everyone on those ships!

Q: Maybe.

Ryan: I don't believe you! You interfered with the Universe when you introduced our people to the Borg! Why won't you interfere now?!

Q: Evolution is a force of nature. Before a race can Evolve Physically, they must evolve Mentally. Your race's selflessness must evolve before your bodies can. Life isn't as simple as you make it out to be. In a millennia, you may be ready, but right now, nature is teaching you how life works.

*They watch as the explosion, the asteroid and the flotilla of ships close on each other.*

Ryan: Oh, god.

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